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Not a Voluntourist

Originally posted on My L(e)onely Planet:
After reading many articles in the British press recently, I would like to take this opportunity to explain how my year abroad pre-university was not voluntourism. Although nobody has challenged me about the validity or worthiness of my gap year in Chile, I feel that my silence…

A reflection on cynicism towards ‘Voluntourism’

I realise that this text is long and quite dense but I hope you can find the time to give it a quick read and to collate your thoughts. I promise its an interesting topic which everyone can have an opinion on! Recently, the idea of volunteering abroad has become more desirable to people of […]

Voluntourism: Make that tomorrow!

I haven’t had chance to upload the post today so will be doing it tomorrow! 

International Ramblings

I have decided to try and make my blog posts a bit more accessible than exclusively being posted on Tumblr. I have two blogs on Tumblr, one which documents my progress with fundraising and vaccinations etc. for my volunteering trip to Ghana and a second one, which is effectively the same as this one, on […]