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Conflict Watch: The Deteriorating Syrian Civil War and Humanitarian Crisis

Originally posted on Normative Narratives:
The Syrian opposition recently offered a dangerous ultimatum, which is symbolic of the overall deterioration for the prospect of a political transition in Syria: “The Syrian opposition will not attend the proposed Geneva conference on the crisis in Syria unless rebel fighters receive new supplies of arms and ammunition, the top rebel…

Arming Syrian rebels.

I haven’t posted anything in my blogs for a while now and I have found a topic which is both interesting and important. It might actually be something that someone would be interested to read! I watched Question Time last night and one if the topics raised by the audience was whether or not the […]

I’m going to Ghana!!

I am extremely excited to have finally raised enough money to pay for my trip to Ghana! This money has been raised by fundraisers at university and at home and I have received extremely generous donations from family members, friends and their families, clients of my Grandad’s business and a graciously accepted grant from De […]

New page

I’ve decided that instead of posting this week’s stuff as a post I have made it into a new page entitled ‘FAQ’s’ so please head over to the page and have a read 🙂 I will be adding more as time goes on!

Post Two

This week’s post will be like a question and answer session/FAQ’s where I will justify my reasons for volunteering abroad and why I believe it is a good idea. I know I have stated some of my views in my previous post about ‘voluntourism’ but I have received lots of questions regarding my reasons for […]