Monthly Archives: August 2013

Day Five – Monday 19th August 2013

I have been here for three full days and I am sure that one month will not be enough. It is frustrating that I will most likely not have the chance to take on responsibility of a group and that I do not get to see the projects have an effect. Ollie said today that, […]

Day Four – Sunday 18th August 2013

Last night was quite successful. The nightclub Tantra – a popular-with-Obronis stylish club, cost ₵20 for men to enter however the man to know, Sexy Monkey, managed to get me and Will in for ₵10 each which was agreeable. Me and Will began drinking casually at around 18.00 after we’d eaten the fishy stew with […]

Day Three – Saturday 17th August

Firstly, I must describe what happened last night. Will and I went into a bar called ‘Republic’ in Osu – an area where many expats frequent. We were supposed to be meeting volunteer Maddy Thimont Jack as well as others but they were late. We got a Tro to 37 and looked around for a […]

Day Two – Friday 16th August

What a day! I don’t know where to start if I’m honest. I’ll try the beginning. I woke up at 05.45 realising that I’d lost my iPod! I think I left it on the plane yesterday. After a panicked scramble through my belongings I gave up and began to unpack my things. Breakfast consisted of […]

Day One – Thursday 15th August

Today I began my journey to Ghana for the trip that I have been planning for six months. It is the first time that I have travelled to another country entirely on my own. For this reason I was understandably apprehensive for what was to come during the car journey to Heathrow this morning. I […]


After a long absence, I have decided to upload parts of my journal onto Tumblr for my friends, family and followers to read. It’s important to me to document as much of the trip as I can so that I remember everything about this place.