Day Five – Monday 19th August 2013

I have been here for three full days and I am sure that one month will not be enough. It is frustrating that I will most likely not have the chance to take on responsibility of a group and that I do not get to see the projects have an effect. Ollie said today that, ‘You’re here for Ghana not you’ which I think is vitally important to remember. Especially if you don’t want be called a voluntourist.

Today was supposed to be my induction to the office but I was in fact thrown in at the deep end as I ended up covering for Kristine on a community advocacy outreach to a village called Pantang. I accompanied Pippa and Cecilia as they took me through the presentation I needed to help them give.

The presentation was on child maintenance and was given to a group of fourteen women and one man who had all been abandoned by the other parent of their child. We arrived at 11.00 and waited for the group to gather. We began at 12.00 and Eben translated into Ga, the local dialect, as we read. The women seemed to be quite responsive and asked many questions.

There are a lot of fascinating volunteers here; I think it’s one of the best things about being here. There are so many different nationalities and stories. Pippa and Cecilia both have interesting stories and past experiences. I won’t put them on here because that’s not fair but they are in my actual journal.

It took about an hour to get back to the office by Tro in which I nearly fell asleep twice! Travelling here is exhausting because of the heat and some of the roads need a lot of work. When we got back to the office, Ollie gave the newbies our induction in which he told us all about conduct and dress code etc. After this we travelled home where dinner was waiting for us. Yam and a fish stew. Ghanaians love their Yams.

After dinner, Will and I went to our local, ‘Right Step.’ We made it our mission to make Richard know who we were and give us the usual every time we entered. Club beers there are ₵3.50 which is so cheap. It was good to be able to watch some English football! Man City 4 – 0 Newcastle.

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