Day Four – Sunday 18th August 2013

Last night was quite successful. The nightclub Tantra – a popular-with-Obronis stylish club, cost ₵20 for men to enter however the man to know, Sexy Monkey, managed to get me and Will in for ₵10 each which was agreeable. Me and Will began drinking casually at around 18.00 after we’d eaten the fishy stew with rice that Bernice and Gladys had prepared. I love Ghanaian food already.

We went to the filling station and six cans of Heineken to drink at the house with Bernice’s permission. We didn’t leave the house until 22.00 in Kojo’s taxi where we met the others at Republic. It was Louise’s 21st birthday celebrations.

I met more new people at republic; Belgian Astrid who had just arrived, Iranian – Canadian Emad, Dutchwoman Minke and Brit Kelly.

After a couple of drinks of pineapple juice and rum at ₵7 each, we walked to Tantra where we had Tequila shots in tankard shaped shot glasses. The atmosphere in Tantra was good; it was small so it looked full even though there were probably about 200 people there. People were smoking inside which surprised me because obviously you’re not allowed to do that at home but then this is Africa; everything is surprising and everything is permitted. We danced until 04.00 and then Will and I left. We haggled the taxi down to ₵12 from ₵15 and then I made the error of showing the driver that I had more money so he was not pleased.

I enjoyed the night but I feel that I will enjoy future social events more because I will know people better.

Today I was woken up by the sound of the local evangelical Pentecostal church. This is something not experienced commonly for me in England. I got up, delighted that I had avoided a hangover for the second consecutive day, took vitamins and had breakfast. I have not done anything else today yet which is refreshing because its been so hectic here since I arrived. At 14.45 we are meeting the group at Accra Mall to see World War Z after which we will go for a meal for Lucy’s last night in Accra.


The film was actually very good! I’d heard mixed reviews about it but I liked it. There was action in the first two minutes and things didn’t stop blowing up until the end. It was so tense!

After the film we went to Rockefellas in Osu which sold lots of western food. I had Mac n Cheese and some beer. I love the beer here! All the volunteers gathered to say goodbye to Lucy and after signing her flag we left to have a well-deserved early night. Today was a lot less busy and I was glad of the rest!

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