Day Six – Tuesday 20th August

I think I will find this trip frustrating because for five hours today, Will, Kate, Kristine and I did virtually no work between us. I needed Cecilia to be able to write a report from the previous day’s outreach and she was in court until 13.00. We found time in these five hours to discuss our weekend plans. We are travelling to Cape Coast on Friday straight from work and then to Kokrobite resort on Saturday to a reggae night. It’s going to be such a good weekend! I’m going to look into buying some ‘Africa pants’ – meaning trousers – for Izzy while I’m there.

Back to today, when Cecilia returned we began the report. It took us half an hour and I typed so that the expression would be better. She’s Italian and doesn’t have clear written expression sometimes. After this I went to the Children’s Shelter with Maddy, Line and Laura and we were surprised to receive a presentation about the upcoming supreme court decision about John Atta Mills’ successor John Dramani Mahama was elected democratically. His opposition, the NPP, presented a petition to court with evidence of electoral fraud. The presentation from the Ministry of Civic Education was preaching peace and stated the importance of peace. “Peace is precious, once you lose it, it is very difficult to get back.” He also said that Ghanaians have nowhere to run if anything is started as its neighbour countries are not exactly stable. I wish I’d known that the speaker was going to be there because I could have asked him some questions about the election and the state of Ghanaian democracy.

I’m not allowed to detail information about the children or the shelter so I can’t write much more about this experience here.

At 16.00, we returned to the office and then headed home. One thing I noticed on the way home was the amount of litter that is on the streets. Plastic pollution is a big problem in Ghana. The ground is covered in black plastic bags, empty plastic pure water containers and also organic waste like coconut shells and plantain and banana leaves.

This evening we are going to the weekly quiz where we get free pizza! Will and Ii are going to the local first though!

Accomplishments today:
– First report written
– First visit to the shelter
– Asked Ollie about writing for the HR Journal when I get home.

Going to the Human Rights court in the morning, we get to ask the judge some questions so I need to think!

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