Day Eleven – Sunday 25th August

Today was possibly my favourite day here. It was so relaxed.

I managed to avoid a hangover again! I think the heat stifles them because I have not yet had one here at all.

We had breakfast in Big Millys Restaurant and it was so good to have a fried breakfast! After breakfast we went to Kokrobite beach where we spent the rest of the day.

Will and I went straight into the sea which was the best thing in this heat. We’re kind of acclimatised to cold water too so it wasn’t an issue.

I wish I’d brought a book or something or maybe not lost my iPod because I soon became bored. Everyone else was either sleeping, reading or listening to music and I could do none of that because I didn’t even bring a towel! I will be more prepared next weekend.

We decided to go for a walk down the beach which turned out to be a mistake. I had forgotten that sometimes the beaches here are used as public toilets. We were enjoying looking in the rockpools at the hermit crabs and other fish and then you look up and see a minefield of crap!

When we first went into the sea I decided for some reason to wear my sunnies. You can imagine where they are now…

We really should have put sun cream on though because some of us burnt really badly. This week will be fun with sweaty sunburn and uncomfortable shirts. We had a lovely day in the sun though. We were just typically British and ignored the fact that we are on the equator where the sun is extremely intense!

During the day, the beach was always changing. There were so many different groups of people doing different things. Obronis, fishermen, vendors, musicians, children chancing for food. It was so different to any British beach. After the beach, we went to get dinner at an Italian hotel. We got it to take out and then we left for Accra.

I had such a nice weekend, it’s just a shame that my mid-trip slump kicked in on Friday. I miss Izzy quite a lot and being able to just get veggies and fruit in proportion to carbs. They love their carbs here.

Second week of work starts tomorrow!

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