Day Fourteen – Wednesday 29th August

Will made the gender equality outreach to Dodowa sound like the worst thing ever and it really isn’t. Me and Maddy had a good laugh all day.

It’s a village about two hours north of Accra. Our contact in Dodowa is called ‘Honourable’ and is a local politician so is good at talking! Normally he would translate into Twi for us but this community spoke only Ewe so we had two translators today. We read through the presentation which was on domestic violence and Honourable virtually memorised it having done it so many times that we didn’t actually get to say very much.

I was glad that we got a lift back to Accra in Listowel’s car. It was much more comfortable than tha tros were. Although to begin with there were seven of us in a five-seater car which is the second time its happened to me in three days! It happened at Kokrobite too!

We got back to the office at 15.45 just in time to wish the next batch of volunteers goodbye: Viola and Areomi have left already but they will be joined on Friday by Kelly and Cecilia and then next week by Maddy. I will be in the next batch with Will and Astrid!

Tonight we’re going to a reggae night at Labadi beach resort. I doubt it will be a patch on Kokrobite but it should still be good!

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