Day Nine – Friday 23rd August

These next few entries were written retrospectively as I didn’t want to take my journal to Cape Coast and risk losing it!

Friday is a half-day in the office so everybody leaves around 12pm. We were travelling in the afternoon on Friday so everyone brought their luggage instead of laptops etc.

I had my first weekly evaluation today with my personal supervisor, Ernest. I told him that I thought that with the amount of volunteers in the office this month, 17, PA could be offering more projects. I felt in the previous week that I had not really made much of an impact to the work of the office. I had been on outreaches where I had read off a sheet and to a children’s shelter where I became a primary school teacher. The shelter was great and everything but it’s not really what I came here for.

After the evaluation, Ollie met with me and told me that they would facilitate for me to begin a research project in conjunction with my on-going dissertation research. I was to be given a small group of volunteers to help me in my research; all I had to do was draft a research concept to be sent to Eben on which the project details would be.

I only had time to write a more detailed version of my dissertation plan and pass that to Eben. It would have to until Monday.

At 12, Will, Karen and I went to get money and we began our journey to Cape Coast after meeting the rest of the HR volunteers. We travelled to Kaneshie station at 13.00 and from there got a three hour coach to Cape Coast/Elmina. This felt like a stylish way to travel after spending all week in tro-tros! It felt like this for all of five minutes because as we were leaving; a preacher began to shout and sing typically enthusiastically in Twi. This lasted for about thirty minutes after which a religious film was palyed.

As you can imagine, the obronis at the back (us) began to giggle and talk over the film – not loudly enough to disrupt the rest of the bus. We discussed our plans for the evening and alcohol etc.

We arrived at Elmina junction at around 16.30 and found two taxis which Kristine successfully bargained with as she does. We arrived at Stumble Inn at 17.00 and were immediately taken aback by the beauty of the place. It is one of my favourite places in the world. It was secluded, right by the sea front, it had huts and thatched roofs. I loved it! I didn’t want to leave for Kokrobite on Saturday!

We had some food, some drinks and played I have never which revealed some things about the group. It was a good way to get to know each other properly and quickly. The night ended and we went to bed.

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