Day Ten – Saturday 24th August

I woke up at the normal time so I could go and sit by the sea. I was the only one awake at that time and for a considerable amount of time afterwards.

I loved being on my own by the sea. I wished that Isabel could have been here with me because she’d have loved it but it was still special anyway. I took some photos and played with the resident dogs. Eventually everyone else stirred and we went for breakfast. It wasn’t very nice.

We went on a proper tourists trip today. We visited the Kakum National Park where there was a tree-top canopy walk. Imagine the bridges on I’m a Celebrity only made of rope and wood. I took more photos and we travelled back to Elmina where we visited Elmina castle, a former slave trading point. I have never felt more ashamed to be British in my life. I felt more physically sickened at this castle than I ever did at Dachau or Ypres and the Somme. We weren’t allowed to take photos of this castle without paying GH₵20 and it wasn’t something I particularly wanted to remember and it didn’t feel appropriate anyway.

After we left the castle, at which point I was relieved, we headed to Kokrobite via tro. This took two hours and was uncomfortable. I seem to fall asleep whenever I travel anywhere here.

Kokrobite reggae night is famous within the Obroni volunteer circle and it did not disappoint. I thought that I would be disappointed after the beauty of Elmina but I really wasn’t. It was a relaxed atmosphere where everyone danced to reggae and drank. I really enjoyed it and we debated going back the following weekend.

I went to sleep at 03.30 apparently. Me and Will had to share a bed which was funny. The hotel wasn’t a patch on Stumble Inn but it was adequate for two drunk people!

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