Day Thirteen – Tuesday 27th August

Today was not as productive as yesterday. I spent most of my time preparing for the shelter in the afternoon.

I got up at 6.25 today! I was so panicked! I still managed to get ready before Will though. We got to the office at 08.00 and I began to read about the upcoming court decision. The New Patriotic Party are challenging the incumbent party, the National Democratic Congress; the leader of which is current president John Dramani Mahama. They are challenging the result of the 2012 election which was, in their opinion, won fraudulently by Mahama’s party. They have presented evidence that electoral fraud was committed. The eight month trial concludes on Thursday this week.

I did some reading for my dissertation, made masks for the children at the shelter and played the Wikipedia links game with Will.

At 2 we went to the shelter and Laura began her emotions exercise. We first played a clapping game which got the children opened up and excited. During the morning we had learnt Twi and Ga words for certain emotions which helped Laura tell her story because few kids speak adequate English.

We left the shelter at 15.30 and returned to the office. Tonight is the quiz night with free pizza. It’s Kelly’s turn to write the questions and they are about Harry Potter and Disney! Sorted!


Okay so she picked the most obscure questions for the Harry Potter round. I thought I’d boss it but we only got one point! We did better with Disney! Pizza night isn’t happening anymore because too few volunteers attend the quiz to justify buying pizza. We won’t go again, it is virtually pointless. The idea is to meet other volunteers on other projects but no one really goes.

I’m on outreach to Dodowa tomorrow with Maddy covering for Will. 


  1. Maybe theres another way of getting people to join?


    1. Getting them to come to the quiz?


      1. I don’t know. Everyone knows about it and there was free pizza so I don’t know another way haha! Suggestions?


      2. I wonder why people dont want free pizza… hmm… maybe its because they’re not that comfortable. How about personally inviting them and telling them they can bring a friend?


  2. Oh I don’t run the quiz night, its run by Projects Abroad. I’ve just been a couple of times. 🙂 Im not responsible for it being cancelled.


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