Day Twelve – Monday 26th August

Today I stayed in the office all day. I actually had quite a productive day.

We were early to the office today which gave me time to check Facebook and sort out the things I needed to do in the day.

Firstly, I had a conversation with Eben about potential interviews I could conduct for my research. I had to complete the research concept so he could send it to the prospective interviewees. I completed that and then wrote a research proposal for Ollie so he could set the project up. I completed these within the first hour.

I spent the rest of the morning writing one of two reports for the monthly human rights journal. I had to complete the entry for the community advocacy project. I’d only been on two of the outreaches so I thought it would be tricky. It proved to be more laborious than difficult though. The second report I have to write is a court report which is going to be hard because I only went to one session and I didn’t even know what was happening.

I spent Monday afternoon fiddling with my questionnaire and changing the question phrasing and the way certain names were presented as not to offend anybody.

After work, Will and I went to our local to watch Manchester United plaay Chelsea in David Moyes’ first league home game. It ended 0-0 and was a boring match but my god do Ghanaians love football! Every time the ball went to an 18 yard box everyone in the bar clapped and cheered excessively, some even shouted at the screen! I can’t wait to go to the World Cup game! I made friends with Ghanaian Chelsea fan called Benjamin. He was adamant that Rooney was moving to Chelsea in this window. I had a nice time tonight; it was great to be able to watch football!

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