Day Sixteen – Friday 30th August

Only a half day today. I only have eight full days left in the office. Its gone too quickly!

We had a bit of a job getting to work this morning. We took the usual route to 37 lorry pack and then decided to try and get a tro the rest of the way instead of a link up taxi. We found someone who said they were going to ‘Labadi U-turn’ which is where we work. It turned out that they went to a u-turn in Labadi rather than Labadi Rd, Osu. This actualy added thirty minutes on to the journey rather than making it quicker. We arrived half an hour late!

When we arrived everyone who worked at the shelter was called to a meeting with Eben and Ollie. He wanted a general update on the shelter and then thanked us for our work. He then told us that it is inappropriate for anyone to take photos of the children in the shelter. Someone had done it on Wednesday whilst I was on outreach in Dodowa and it is not allowed. The shelter has previously been accused of malpractice as an investigative journalist had allegedly used Projects Abroad volunteers to get compromising photos of the children.

The photo in question in this instance was a misunderstanding as Leah was actually showing the child a cartoon on her phone. The carer saw her phone and assumed that she was taking photos. I did enjoy being at the shelter today.

After work, the group went to the arts centre again to buy souvenirs for people at home. Will and I also wanted some Ghana football tops for the match next Friday. We got these and another from Kristine on Oxford St. knocking the price of three from ₵105 to ₵85. My shirt has ‘a. gyan’ on it. Im not going to say what I bought at the market because the people I bought stuff for will read it. I was pleased with what I managed to get though.

We then went to the national museum which I was not too impressed by. I’m not really all that interested in African tribal history but the section about the slave trade was a bit more useful to me.

After the museum we returned home for dinner at Bernice’s house and then got ready to go out for some drinks to say farewell to Kelly, it was her last night. We had some food in a western restaurant called Venus. I had a philly sub and it was amazing! Bayern Munich and Chelsea were playing in the Super Cup tonight, Bayern won on penalties. We had some drinks in a place called ‘Container’ – the bar was in an old shipping container – and then went to a club with Sexy Monkey at Hot Gossip. For some reason, I thought I’d get in with shorts on like a fool! Sexy Monkey worked his magic though and I was allowed in.

I had a good time tonight. It was much better than the Tantra night. We have to get up early tomorrow to travel to Ada Foah and its currently 04.00 so we’ll see how this goes…

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