Day Fifteen – Thursday 29th August

I have been here for two weeks already! It’s going scarily quickly as I was told it would! I’m out of my mid-trip slump now which is good news. I’m looking forward to this weekend. We’re going to Ada Foah which is where the sea meets the river and it’s really pretty.

We went to a reggae night last night at Labadi beach and it was so chilled and relaxed. There was no band but there was music and alcohol. There were lots of Rastafarians around as you’d expect. And a lot of ganga. I didn’t smoke any but was offered it several times.

We sat at the table chatting for a while and then we ended up by the sea on the beach gathered around a camp fire that we found. This was the most peaceful, relaxing time ever. I wanted to sleep there.

Today has been quite tense. It’s the day of the Supreme court verdict where we see if Ghana is going to have a re-election. Projects Abroad closed the office for today in apprehension towards any possible civil unrest caused by the verdict. Mahama won and so far I have not heard of anhy violence but then I am a way out of the city centre.

So today has been pretty relaxed. I’ve had chance to recover some energy by sleeping until 9 and I’ve had time to get up to date with my journal. I’m very pleased about that because it’s important to me. It’s probably not very interesting to read but it helps me to remember what I’ve done during the days. They go so quickly.

I’m going to make a portfolio of all of the work I have done here so that I can show future employees of my capabilities. I  need to get as much as I can from this trip. I have also decided that I’m going to learn Spanish this year in conjunction with my studies.

This time two weeks ago I had just landed in Accra. It’s gone so quickly. I’m beginning to form bonds with people now and we’re leaving. It’s so sad!

Back at work in the morning, got a report to write and then I’m at the shelter. Then we’re going back to the Arts Centre and later to the national museum. 

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