Day Seventeen – Saturday 31st August

Last night was a bad idea. None of us got more than two hours sleep which was horrible when ou have to travel for three hours on a cramped tro. We got up and went to Oxford St so I could get money out from the mastercard ATM at Barclays. I also needed to buy some sunglasses to replace the ones that I lost at Kokrobite.

We then decided that three pieces of bread ws not enough for breakfast and attempted to go to KFC. We were upset to find that it didn’t open until 10am!

We met the girls at Tudu Station to get a tro to Ada Foah in the eastern region. This station was so busy! People rushing around everywhere, Tro’s beeping, men shouting etc.

We got on a tro to Ada at about 9am and arrived there at 12pm. When we arrived I was half pleased that we’d arrived and half wondering why the hell we’d bothered going there. It was the kind of Africa I had imagined; red dust paths, goats and lizards running free, mud hut villages and no cars! We eventually found our ‘hotel’ which I’m convinced was just some opportunist’s house. It was so basic, there was just a double bed (again) with soiled sheets and stinky pillows. When I saw this I was not best pleased and being grumpy from tiredness anyway, I was not the best company. I wondered why we hadn’t just stayed in Accra with Kristine and Kate.

As the day progressed I began to loosen up and enjoy where I was. We got a boat over to the beach resort. I wanted to swap and stay there for the night! It was so nice and so close to the sea! We ordered some food and then went on a boat trip around the mouth of the river. At the point where the sea meets the river, the salt water and the fresh water clashed and parted. It was beautiful.

We returned to the beach to eat our lunch and we were starving by this point having not eaten since 6. The girls got their food within half an hour. We had to wait another two and a half hours! We were so angry! It was a prime example of Ghana Maybe Time (GMT). We’d ordered Jollof Rice and Chicken which we received at 16.30 after ordering at 13.30. It was tasty, granted, but not worth the wait.

Me and Will went into the sea after we’d eaten which was great fun because it was really powerful and knocked me off my feet! After we returned from the sea, we got a boat back to our hotel to have dinner, shower, and drink. We were going back to the beach later on having been told of a bonfire and a big party.

When we returned to the beach, after eating fried rice and chicken at the hotel which was slowly growing on me, there was a fire but no music and about four white people sitting by the fire. They turned out to be awesome people actually! I ended up playing some Aussie rules with Rhys from Adelaide and Astrid. The ball was red and it was pitch dark but fun none-the-less.

Some music came on and I danced until I don’t remember what happened anymore. I had been drinking vodka which erases part of my memory of the last night. From what I can remember though, we got home safely after a fun night. I managed to take one contact lens out apparently as I woke up with only one in. Once again me and Will shared a bed.

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