Day Eighteen – Sunday 1st September

I woke up as Will was shouting that breakfast was ready. It took me a while to work out what was happening, I think I was still a bit drunk. I had one contact lens in and only realised this after I’d been prodding the lensless eye. This gave me a sore eye before I’d even left the room!

I think everyone was feeling a bit rough, especially Miriam who threw up! We ate eggs and bread for breakfast which was extremely welcome and then headed back to the beach by foot. The morning had been scorching hot so the sand burnt our feet as we walked. The area was so secluded and away from any kind of polluting influence, except what was washed onto the beach by the tide. As I’ve said, plastic pollution is awful here. The beaches were great on the whole though; the water was much warmer than the Atlantic waters around Britain though the sand was coarse like the sand on many British beaches.

Maddy and the girls went to sunbathe and the rest of us went to the resort from the previous day. Rhys and his teaching crew were still there so we chatted with them. We ordered our food purposefully early so it would arrive at an acceptable time! We’re learning! The food was little but tasty and after we’d eaten we tried to make our way home to Accra. I was feeling distinctly poorly by this point and the tros home were horrible. I really thought I was going to vomit on Maddy. I’m pretty sure this was my first hangover since being here. Vodka sometimes has that effect; a delayed hangover.

When we eventually got back to Pig Farm, after a man on the tro directed us to 37. I went on my laptop for a while and then went to sleep.

This weekend was exhausting!

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