Day Twenty – Tuesday 3rd September

I had a funny day today. It started off with Will having to abandon me mid-journey to because he felt sick. He went home and remained there all day. In his words it was a ‘puke inferno.’ I think it was the half-frozen chicken he had with his dinner. I refused to eat it and I didn’t get sick. So today was the first time I had to travel to work alone and I made it!

I sat with Kate and Kristine in the poster room as I had not spoken to them for most of the last week. Red red came in again and Kate full-on freaked out because of the ‘rabies cat.’ It was such a funny moment.

I spent the morning reading, annotating and taking notes on the article I printed off yesterday. I also made sure to check the final transfers of deadline day in the football. Moyes had failed to sign anyone and United’s rivals had so United fans were getting anxious. In the end we signed Fellaini for £27.5m. He’ll do. I also checked the news. The Syrian conflict is at a critical stage. The US is debating ‘limited military intervention’ in response to allegations that the Assad regime had used chemical weapons.

I spent part of the afternoon after lunch at the shelter where Leah devised an exercise which would attempt to teach the children the importance of kindness and sharing. It went really well and I was happy for Leah that it had. After work, I went to Oxford St in order to buy some material for a skirt I’m having made for my sister. I’m not sure about the material anymore but it’ll have to do. There were so many choices it was overwhelming. I then managed to return home alone for the first time. This made me happy.

I am currently sweating buckets because it is so hot! The trousers that Will and I had made arrived today and they are just what we expected. We’ll be taking them to Kokrobite this weekend!

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