Day Twenty-Five – Sunday 8th September

Whatever we did last night was messy! We were woken up at 11.30 by Kristine telling us we’d missed breakfast. This was upsetting because Big Milly’s breakfast was just what I needed to beat the hangover.

The room was an absolute state. There was sand and rice all over the floor along with the contents of my rucksack. I was wearing my Africa trousers and sleeping the wrong way on the bed, the room stank, as you’d expect. Again, I managed to remove my contact lenses though I do not remember doing so. I appreciate how considerate drunk Sam is.

We went straight to the beach where me and Thijs got some breakfast at the café. The guy cooking the food was so friendly. Completely baked but friendly. Most Ghanaians are friendly, a lot them, at least the ones who confront you are after money for something. It’s hard to know who to talk to and who to avoid. It makes you constantly on edge when you’re approached. It’s obvious where the stereotype that white people are rude and arrogant comes from.

We spent the rest of the day on the beach/in the sea. I’ve nearly finished my book now which is actually really good. It’s a spy novel by William Boyd called, ‘Restless.’ It was made into a TV movie by the BBC which I want to see.

We met up with Rhys from Ada yesterday and he came to the beach with us today. I didn’t think he was coming this weekend but I’m glad he did. I managed to enjoy the sun today without getting burnt which I am pleased with. It means I won’t peel all week like last time. We left Kokrobite at about 17.00.

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