Day Twenty-Four – Saturday 7th September

I was glad of the rest I got last night. I slept until 9am. We were leaving for Kokrobite at 11.00.

We got a cab to Kokrobite for GH₵25 which is a good price for an hour-long journey. It was nice to relatively comfortable whilst travelling after yesterday’s farce!  We got there before anyone else so we just went to the beach for a while until the others arrived. We were waiting for Kristine, Kate, Karen, Miriam, Thijs and Astrid.

We were going to Reggae night again so Astrid was buying us alcohol to take in bottles so it was cheaper. She arrived considerably later than everyone else. Thijs stayed in a room with Will and I on a mattress on the floor. We started drinking our gold rum at 18.00 with pineapple juice. We met everyone at Big Milly’s at around 19.00 and we were served dinner. I had chicken with green beans, salad and potatoes. It was really tasty but I couldn’t eat it all because of the whole pizza I ate to myself at lunch. After we’d eaten we continued playing card games; ride the bus, kings (Ring of Fire) and speed bump – a game I will be bringing home. This continued for some time.

The band began to play and we moved to dance. I’m not sure that the band played any recognisable songs, I don’t remember them if they did! I do remember dancing Azonto again and being called a ‘good dancer.’ Also I remember discussing Ghanaian democracy with a guy called Kofi. He was NPP and believed that the election was rigged. I remember that the bar staff weren’t serving Club for some reason and that I managed to procure one from one of the staff after seeing one being served across the bar. I was particularly happy about that because star is nowhere near as nice. We left at about 02.00.

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