Day Twenty – One – Wednesday 4th September

We had to leave a bit earlier today because Will was heading to the slums with the legal aid team. Just what he wanted whilst being ill! We treated ourselves to a taxi all the way to work so then we arrived on time. Will spent the whole day at the slums and I spent most of the day in the office. I did a little reading but was quite distracted for a lot of the morning. I edited Miriam’s report for the human rights journal although her English is very good so I didn’t have a lot to do. I began to write the introductory section of chapter 2 of my dissertation. I want to compile a timeline of Ghana’s development since 1957.

I was supposed to meet the director of Amnesty today but it was double-booked as I’d already spoken to someone from the organisation. This irritated me greatly as I feel that I am gaining very little practical skills from this experience. I love the kids in the shelter but I am not trying to become a school teacher. Izzy would be much more suited to the shelter than I am. I’ve messaged the British High Commission in Ghana to try to set up an interview but I doubt that I’ll get a reply before I leave, at least not from anyone important. I also emailed the Human Rights Advocacy Centre which is based across the road from PAHO. Hopefully Eben arranges some more meetings because two is not enough.

I went to the shelter at 2 this afternoon. We briefed the lead ‘auntie’ and began the session. We did comprehensions with the older children and letters and phonice with the younger children. They finished everything much faster than we had anticipated so two of the children started rapping.  Then from the beat that one of them was rapping out, two of the children began to dance Azonto. I had been waiting to see this since I first went to the shelter so I was eager to join in. I asked Jeremiah to teach me a move and though I was useless, it was such good fun to get everyone involved. I was also pleased because I came to Ghana wanting to learn azonto and I have on two occasions now!

Will was late home from the slums so I stayed at the office until 16.30 – I wanted to skype but no one was available – and then I left for home. Somehow Will managed to beat me having taken the same route as me. He left half an hour after I did so I don’t understand!

Tonight we are going to La beach Reggae Night because there will be a band this week and its one of Maddy’s last nights.

I am currently sitting outside Bernice’s house writing this on my lap because it is just so hot inside. Her house is made of stone so retains the heat during the day. It’s cooler outside! We just have to deal with mosquitos and ants the size of spiders.

I finally got the seamstress round to take Lauren’s measurements for her skirt.

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