Day Twenty-Two – Thursday 5th September

I did not enjoy today very much. I went on outreach with Listowell, Miriam and Petra. I was the most experienced volunteer!

Firstly I have to write down the events of last night. We went to Labadi beach reggae night as is usual for many volunteers on Wednesdays. It was Maddy’s last drinking night as well. Ash arrived with Ollie which was a surprise as none of us knew he was coming. We were given a free bottle of ‘Kalahari bitters’ – a 35% proof disgusting-but-free drink – as we entered the beach.

Sexy monkey was there, of course, and he got me and Will two bottles of Alvaro fizzy fruit juice to put with the Kalahari; it made it much more drinkable. It took a while to drink but it was free and we only had to pay for mixer. Ollie skulled his which was pretty impressive, He’s an aussie though so I suppose I should have expected it.

The band came on and Listowell turned up as he does. He kind of just appears. Some of the volunteers left leaving me, Will, Maddy, Ollie and Listowell. It was so strange to be out with our boss/supervisors. We danced until about 02.00 and then we left. I had a great time last night; Ollie provided some excellent entertainment.

So anyway, today I was on outreach to Dodowa which is three hours away from Accra. We got tros there and feeling pretty hungover and running on four hours sleep, I did not have a fun day. It took three hours to get there, we spoke for two hours and then travelled three hours back to Accra. It felt like such a wasted day and I missed out on Africa pants day!


Ollie suggested it last night.

After work, we had dinner and then went to container for Maddy’s last night in Ghana. We had a few drinks to say goodbye and then left to sleep. Football tomorrow!

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