Day Thirty – Friday 13th September

It’s my last day in Ghana. I’ve come in to the office to use the internet so I can post my journal entries on my blogs.

It’s been such an experience and I’ve grown a lot. I’ve seen some shocking things and some amazing things. I’ve been despondent and found it all really enjoyable at the same time. I am looking forward to getting back to England. I miss tea with milk, vegemite on toast, hot water, and green, healthy food! I also, obviously, miss family and Izzy. This is such a western thing to say I think and I didn’t expect to miss home but I actually have. I fly out at 20.30 and I’m leaving for the airport at 14.30 so I can get to check – in early and ask for an exit seat. I’ll try and sleep for most of the journey I think.

Bernice has prepared Red Red for my farewell meal as is her tradition and Lauren’s skirt has arrived finally. This will be my final post in this journal. It’s been important to me to document as much as I could to remember it. I hope it’s been interesting to read.

P.s I’m travelling on Friday the 13th!!!

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