Day Twenty-Eight – Wednesday 11th September

RIP 9/11

It’s Will’s last day today. He flies out at 20.30 and its going to be strange without him here. I’ve only got one full day left anyway so it’s fine. I’m looking forward to going home now.

It took me an hour to get to work today because I left later and the traffic was terrible. I had to go to work on my own obviously because Will’s last day in the office was yesterday. Today I have tried to find some journal articles but DMU don’t have access to a lot of them which is very frustrating. I have got people to sign my leavers book and I’m going to the shelter at 2. I need to interview the project director Edward Tetteh at some point when he is in his office for more than five seconds.


I didn’t manage to interview Edward today so I’ll try tomorrow. I went to the shelter for the last time this afternoon. We did some comprehension and match up games with them. The shelter is having work done on the mosquito nets on the windows and the ceiling repairs. It’s all being done with money that projects abroad volunteers like Maddy have raised. It’s an excellent achievement that is sorely needed. Jeremiah seemed quite dejected when I told him I was leaving. He’s an asset to the volunteers though and I really hope he gets what he wants/needs in life.

After the shelter we returned to the office where the leaving speeches and cake were happening. It was sad that it was goodbye to me too. I keep saying it but it’s gone so quickly. On my first day in Accra on my city induction I was so overwhelmed that I thought a month here would seem like a very long time. Now I’m at the end of that time and its amazing how much I’ve learnt in a very short time. I’ll miss everyone that I’ve met and got to know because they’re all great, interesting people from extremely diverse backgrounds.

So I’ve only got one day left. I’ve nearly fully packed already.

I missed going to the cinema tonight. I went to ‘Global Mama’ after work which is a shop off Oxford St which is an NGO and sells fair trade items made by African women. Yesterday I bought a recipe book; I’m not going to write here what I bought today because the people I bought them for could well be reading this blog.

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