Day Twenty-Nine – Thursday 12th September

Today is my penultimate day in Ghana. I can’t believe it. It was my last day in the office today and I got my interview with Edward Tetteh. I was interesting and he provided some good answers. I have also received my questionnaire back from Mrs Afrifa, wife of the late Gen. Afrifa, 3rd Head of State of Ghana. She has some very strong views which you’d expect if you know her story. I also managed to interview Sheikh Ameyaw, the spokesperson for the Chief Imam of Ghana. He provided some extensive answers which were very insightful. I need to put all the information I have received from these surveys and come up with my argument.

I spent the rest of the time in the office typing up the remaining days of my journal so I can upload them onto my various blogs for donors and family to read. I hope they’ve been interesting and provided a snippet of what life in Ghana is like and what I’ve been up to.

Tonight I’m going for a meal with everyone in the office for my goodbye. We’re going to a French-African restaurant called ‘Au Grand Ecuyer’ where they reportedly have rib-eye steak from GH₵12! I can’t wait to eat it. I will be saying goodbye to Thijs, Rhys and Jo tonight as they don’t work in PAHO. I’m going in briefly tomorrow so I will see most people.

Tomorrow will be my last entry in this journal. I have enjoyed writing it.

The restaurant was so good! It was really small but for Ghana it was efficient and very very tasty. I had ‘Tournedo’ with Sautee potatoes and a club. A Tournedo is a rib eye steak and it was so juicy and tender and the sauce had the perfect amount of pepper. It was my last club that I would have as well so I savoured that.  We had a bit of an issue with the money and I had to pay more than I expected so Kate leant me some money to get home which was lovely. I had to say goodbye to Jo and Rhys tonight which was sad because they’d became good friends over my time here. I had to get a taxi home on my own which meant walking about a quarter of a mile in the dark on my own against the traffic in Ghana. This was not a pleasant experience for me.

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