Day Twenty-Seven – Tuesday 10th September

I’m getting gradually closer to my leaving date and I can’t decide if this is a good or bad thing. I have really enjoyed my time here; I feel I have gown as a person. I have become more resilient, confident and independent. I will definitely be able to draw things from my experience in the future. On the other hand I miss home and I want to go to university and my new house; I’m really excited for that. I skyped Izzy yesterday which was really lovely because I haven’t seen her for a month but it’s made these few days harder.

Today I was supposed to replace Maddy on the Gender Equality project by accompanying Will and Petra to Dodowa. I felt ill when I got up and when I realised they were going to Dodowa I changed my mind about going. Instead I started some more research work. I was hoping that I’d be able to meet the director of Amnesty but again the attempts at arranging an interview were fruitless. I looked at going to library at the University of Ghana but I didn’t find anything online which was worth the trip.

At 2 I went to the shelter and we were delighted to find that their teacher had returned from leave. Diana was a fantastic help the volunteers because the children were a captive audience and we were able to teach them properly whilst they were listening and concentrating. They seemed to really enjoy our presence and the exercise we carried out. There were a few new kids as well that I hadn’t met yet.

Tonight Fynn has arranged a lesson in Twi and Azonto which will be fun I think.


Tonight was so much fun! I got quite drowsy during the Twi lessons but I still learnt something! Then after, some Azonto dancers arrived and danced with us. I love watching Azonto because it’s so quick and exciting. The dancing was more like a Zumba fitness class though than a lesson.

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