Day Twenty-Six – Monday 9th September

I did lots of dissertation work today.

We got up at the usual time in the knowledge that this would be the last Monday that we’d have to get up in Ghana. We had our usual breakfast and then travelled to work. It was strange not to have Maddy in the office as she and Kristine have been the two kind of group leaders. Now Kristine was left as the longest serving volunteer.

We had a group meeting as is usual on Mondays and I gave the report for last week’s community advocacy. Ollie said that ‘we say goodbye to Sam and Will this week’ which made it all seem much more real. I am leaving this week. The trip that has taken up so much of my time this year is nearly over; and what an experience it has been.

I was supposed to have a meeting with ‘Women in Law and Development in Africa’ (WiLDAF) today but again it was cancelled. It has been difficult to do the amount of research I had wanted to do because people keep cancelling on me, it’s not Projects Abroad’s fault it just annoying that no one in Ghana has a calendar. The journal came out today and it looks great, I have two articles in it.

I spent most of my day doing dissertation work. I made a timeline of the development of Ghanaian political system since Nkrumah and independence in 1957. I also wrote the 12 tenets of a high quality liberal democracy and worked out the position of Ghana. It completely fulfils 9/12 of these.

Later on Jo came in and we chatted for a while and then we were joined by Red Red. After work, Will and I went home for dinner and then met Fynn for leavers ice – cream at Arlecchino’s Italian restaurant on Oxford St. It was gelato really  but it was very tasty.

We then joined the others at Republic where we had some drinks and said goodbye to Will as he leaves on Wednesday. Most of the office came, including Ollie and so did Thijs and Rhys’ group. We had a nice time and had a chicken Shawarma after. It was my first ever Shawarma and it was amazing.

I will miss the nightlife here.

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