How to win a Fox News Republican nomination debate.



Be Donald Trump.

Pollsters and CNN analysts in the US have concluded that Donald Trump came out with the highest approval ratings after the 10-way Fox News debate. Other candidates also came out strong with Marco Rubio and Carly Fiorina seemingly the stand-out performers other than Trump, depending on where you look.

But how serious is Trump? Can a man with an such a lack of respect for women and ethnic minorities realistically lead the Land of Freedom, Democracy and Opportunity?

His views on minority communities were clear before he announced his candidacy; he is after all planning to build a few large walls. However, his latest attempt to sabotage his own campaign came during an interview with CNN after the debate. It appears that Trump was trumped (wahay!) by Fox News moderator Megyn Kelly’s line of questioning, which is generally believed to have been excellent. During the interview, he commented that ‘you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her… wherever’; seemingly a jibe at menstruation.

Now, Trump has subsequently claimed that he was referring to her ‘nose.’ Regardless of that, can a man who clearly does not have that little voice saying, ‘stop Donny you’ve gone too far’, really hope to run a candid, successful campaign?

Eventually, I think the GOP will get a handle on this and Rubio will emerge as the frontrunner, but for now, I’m sure Hillary is rubbing her hands with glee.

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