Migrant “Crisis”: Humans? or Animals?

Catrin Nye’s short (12mins) documentary from ‘the Jungle’, a makeshift refugee camp, in Calais highlights some of the issues which surround the British people and government’s attitude towards the ‘swarm’ of migrants attempting to cross the channel.

Atif and his friends set up a donation drive in Peterborough to collect food and other supplies for the migrants in Calais. Some of the supplies are even paid for out of his own pocket.

This should be the response from the British people and our government, as a comparatively politically and economically privileged population. Instead, our government, our media, and consequently, many of our people use dehumanising language to describe people that they’ve never met and can never hope to empathise with.

Contrary to popular belief, asylum seekers do not want to come to our country to ‘take our British jobs’, ‘steal our benefits’, or set up ‘Muslim grooming gangs’ as Britain First and Daily Mail commenters would have you believe. They just want freedom from war, poverty, and persecution, and a better life for themselves and their children; as any human would.

As one aid worker says in the video, do you really think these people would travel all the way from Eritrea, Syria, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Afghanistan, by land, if their own countries were safe to live in? Probably not!

If we have some humility and remove our Donald Trump toupees, we might realise that building walls and fences does not solve immigration ‘problems’. Instead, why don’t we reinvest that £12million in aid that we’ve already promised and failed to deliver?

We’re all human.

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