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Migrant Crisis: Acceptance

My last post about this issue suggested that individual stories would change our opinions about the humanitarian crisis unfolding all over Europe. The recent turnaround in perspective by the Daily Mail suggests that this is true.  The impact of photojournalism is well-known and can change history – look at Vietnam, Bosnia, and Fallujah. The turning point […]

With or Without You – Fergie’s Utd Legacy

Originally posted on missmanutd:
Why fans should not worry about Louis van Gaal falling out with players. Most would not disagree with me when I say Sir Alex Ferguson was the greatest football manager of them all. He had longevity at the club and the trophies to back it up. His reign was one of…

Looney van Gaal?

Has Manchester United’s manager lost it? On the day before the transfer window, Louis has sold one of the three already sub-par strikers (in comparison to Costa and Aguero) leaving us with only Wilson and the under-performing, under-pressure captain, Rooney. I’ve just seen that were also prepared to let Wilson go on loan, leaving Rooney […]