Looney van Gaal?

Has Manchester United’s manager lost it?

On the day before the transfer window, Louis has sold one of the three already sub-par strikers (in comparison to Costa and Aguero) leaving us with only Wilson and the under-performing, under-pressure captain, Rooney. I’ve just seen that were also prepared to let Wilson go on loan, leaving Rooney alone!!

Not only this, he has let Januzaj go to Dortmund. It’s a good move for the Adnan’s development but it leaves the club at risk of lacking creativity should Mata, Memphis, or Herrera get injured.
Also, he’s let Blackett go on loan to Celtic. Blackett showed last year that he’s probably not ready for the Premier League but after Evans’ sale, we have little cover in defence. Blind has proved that he’s a useful defender and knows what he’s doing. Having said that, if you look at how Gomis victimised his lack of comparitive strength, he’s not a long term solution. We’ve needed a new world class defender for years, especially after the exodus following  Fergie’s retirement. We’ve been teased all year about Hummels and Otamendi, and yet again nothing’s materialised. It doesn’t look like today will be much different.

I don’t know whether these were Louis’ decisions or Woodwards but my opinion, like many other fans, is changing. At the start of the window, I thought Woodward had made some shrewd signings in Memphis, Schneiderlin, Schweinsteiger, and Darmian and had big plans for the others: Ramos, Bale, Müller et Al. I’m not sure if this opinion is mostly because of media generated transfer rumours falling through but Martial is the manifestation of panic-signing.

I don’t think I even need to mention the De Gea saga. I just hope that if the news is true that Madrid didn’t submit anything for him, he realises that his true loyalties lie at United and he puts in another show-stopping performance of the season. Romero has done okay so far but he still looks shaky…

I love my club but I don’t get the way the leadership works sometimes.

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