With or Without You – Fergie’s Utd Legacy

Was talking with a friend tonight about how Ferguson was able to manage money and team development with financial investment. If a player became too big the for the club or wasn’t focussed on the football, they left. Keane, Stam, Ruud, Beckham, Cristiano, Tevez, all went the way of the boot.


Sir Alex trophies

Why fans should not worry about Louis van Gaal falling out with players.

Most would not disagree with me when I say Sir Alex Ferguson was the greatest football manager of them all. He had longevity at the club and the trophies to back it up. His reign was one of discipline, ambition and respect. This domination was not achieved by rolling over and allowing his belly to be tickled. No, Fergie stayed at the top because he ruled with an iron fist. Naturally, at times, rows and disagreements ensued, most we have probably never heard of.

Currently, there are stories emerging from past United players, like Angel di Maria, Rafael, RVP and Hernandez, of disagreements with the manager, RVP PL CupLouis van Gaal. Fans are worried about this, especially given Van Gaal’s reputation which precedes him. Only yesterday, Victor Valdes was left out of the Champions League squad. We look at…

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