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Bombing Syria – For and Against.

As politicians, diplomats, and military officials search for a magic solution to the multi-faceted problem of Islamic State, the possibility of deepening military involvement in Syria is becoming increasingly attractive. As with all insurgencies and terror groups, particularly those with virulent ideologies and sophisticated propaganda machines, any solution is likely to be extremely complex, requiring […]

Why travel?

I recently saw this article on Twitter by (retweeted by another travel blogger) and she’s successfully expressed all the reasons why I want to travel. I Urge You To Travel And Here’s Why by GirlUnspotted. Global Individuals recently posted Hate.


In the wake of continued demonstrations of terrorism of the worst kind by jihadist insurgents, ISIS, or Da’esh as is perhaps the more appropriate way of describing them, there has been a noticeable, and predictable, surge in anti-Muslim sentiment. This has come from the already stirring right-wing elements of European politics, as well as from […]


This is the date that our travels begin. My girlfriend and I will be flying into Bangkok on 23/08/16 to start our adventures around South East Asia, Australia, and South America. The plan is in its inchoate stages and we have a lot of work to do, but this is the most exciting thing ever […]

Why I’m not changing my profile photo to a red, white, and blue flag.

While I obviously sympathise with the victims of the Paris Attacks and their families, as everyone should, I do not feel the need to prove my feelings by making a pretty superficial show of ‘solidarity’ by uploading a filter onto my existing, smiley profile photo. Under no circumstances am I criticising those who do find […]

How Will Climate Change Affect Refugees?

The way that the states of the European Union have dealt with the current and ongoing migration ‘crisis’ has been frustrating both for migrants seeking a better, safer life with basic human rights, and for current European citizens. These citizens have, for the most part, been relatively accommodating to the large numbers of people entering their […]