Why I’m not changing my profile photo to a red, white, and blue flag.

While I obviously sympathise with the victims of the Paris Attacks and their families, as everyone should, I do not feel the need to prove my feelings by making a pretty superficial show of ‘solidarity’ by uploading a filter onto my existing, smiley profile photo. Under no circumstances am I criticising those who do find this an appropriate way to convey their support; you’re completely entitled to convey your feelings in whichever way you want. Bringing more religion into it by ‘praying for Paris’ seems counter-intuitive; France is secular, and you’ve probably never prayed in your life, and the whole thing was driven by an extreme interpretation of religious texts. The core sentiment is in the right place, and we should be united by these attacks on liberty, and humanity.

You do have to think though, how many people would have changed their profile photo to the Lebanese flag had it been a viable option? Or the Iraqi flag?

Jamie Khoo expresses my thoughts more eloquently than I.

Why I’m not changing my profile photo to a red, white, and blue flag. by Jamie Khoo, Elephant.

Global Individuals has recently posted: How Will Climate Change Affect Refugees?

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