How to name your Travel Blog.

Thinking of a name for a new blog is the fundamental stumbling point for any would-be blogger. It has to be eternally relevant (for as long as you plan to keep the blog) and mustn’t pigeon-hole you into irrelevance should your situations change.

Over at, Liz, (the owner and traveller-in-chief) has cultivated a fantastic following after five years of hard work. This article about the importance of creating a relevant name for your blog is excellent and exactly the kind of advice a newbie blogger needs.

In a similar vein, wrote an article with some fantastic naming ideas and techniques for those lacking that initial inspiration. After reading hatch’s tips, I have managed to come up with lots of new names for the future.

There are undoubtedly many, many more articles and other works assisting with this tricky but crucial task of coming up with a memorable, and relevant name for your blog. It is these two in particular though that have really stood out for me in my search for the perfect moniker.

Global Individuals recently posted in Travel: 2015Nuremberg Christmas Markets: 5 things to do on a budget winter break.


  1. I had this trouble when my blog temporarily changed from a travel blog to a sports blog. but i’ve changed back to blogging about travel as my main theme again and am so glad i didn’t change the name.


    1. Hey myleonelyplanet,
      Yeah it really is one of the most difficult things. I rebranded this blog last year and it took quite a bit of work.For serious/career travel bloggers, it can make or break your success.

      Thanks for your comment!


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