Finding the right name for your new travel blog.

At the beginning of January, I posted about the importance of choosing the right name for your travel blog. It has to resonate with your personality, your personal goals for travel and what you hope to get it out of it, your destinations, and any messages you wish to convey. It also has to be memorable and fit any niche that you have chosen. There are so many things to consider when choosing your name that it can become quite daunting, and I don’t think many articles out there really talk about the difficulties; many of them sugar-coat the process so as not to deter any of their readers from joining the industry.

Katherine and I are currently in the process of preparing a travel blog for our trip in August but we seem to be stumbling at the first stage: the name. We want it to be personal to us, yet memorable to others; it needs to convey that we are a couple and that we will be sharing our experiences as a couple on the road. Our favourite travel blog use the name Goats on the Road. This is effective as it is memorable and unique, uses a name personal to the writers, ‘Goats’ a name they call each other because of a personal story, and obviously shows that they travel ‘On the Road’.

The List So Far

We have come up with a fair few names; but none of them have really done the job of invigorating our desire to document our trip, whilst reflecting our passion for travelling and experiencing new things as a couple. Let me point out some of the reasons why those that we have come up with are not good enough:
Both Katherine and I, as Brits, have red(ish) passports; however I also have an Australian passport. Initially, I liked this name as it sounded exciting and unique, as not many people can travel on two different passports.

However, it was pointed out to me that it makes it sound like Katherine is a Brit and I’m an Australian; which whilst partly true, makes it sound like I don’t have British citizenship at all. I obviously do. Not only this, but the Australian passport isn’t even black. I’d come up with the name whilst I was in the process of getting my passport. SO when it finally arrived (after six months of trying) I did have to laugh at my naiveté. Imagine we’d picked that name; it would have sounded like I was on an American diplomat’s passport. Certainly not the message we are trying to convey.
There are a couple of advantages to this name: it is memorable, it is short, and it reflects that we are a couple.

The downsides though are numerous. Firstly, it sounds like a performing arts company or a dance troupe; neither of us are particularly talented in this department (although Katherine did hold dance competitions in her house with her friend when she was younger). Secondly, it says nothing about travel or who we are, or really that we’re even a couple.
This one rhymes making it catchy and memorable. It also depicts the blog as a travel blog, specifically focussing on backpacking and budget travel. It is a strong name in these respects.

It is not personal to the two of us, and it does not show off the fact that we are a travelling couple. There are many, many travelling couples so not advertising that we are in the same group would mean we miss out on a large chunk of potential eyeballs.

Social Media Handles

We also are faced with the issue, should we come up with an acceptable name, that either the domain or the handles on the various social media platforms may already be occupied. In this case, we may end up with a name which is different on the blog to how it appears on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest. I don’t think this would be disastrous but it would make things much easier if everything could be uniform. This is especially the case when a very similar name already exists.

In the next month or so, we will have a name, a blog, and will begin to establish a brand for our writing over the next eighteen months.

It’s an exciting time so watch this space.

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