Category Ghana 2013 – Volunteering Diary

Day Thirty – Friday 13th September

It’s my last day in Ghana. I’ve come in to the office to use the internet so I can post my journal entries on my blogs. It’s been such an experience and I’ve grown a lot. I’ve seen some shocking things and some amazing things. I’ve been despondent and found it all really enjoyable at […]

Day Twenty-Nine – Thursday 12th September

Today is my penultimate day in Ghana. I can’t believe it. It was my last day in the office today and I got my interview with Edward Tetteh. I was interesting and he provided some good answers. I have also received my questionnaire back from Mrs Afrifa, wife of the late Gen. Afrifa, 3rd Head […]

Day Twenty-Eight – Wednesday 11th September

RIP 9/11 It’s Will’s last day today. He flies out at 20.30 and its going to be strange without him here. I’ve only got one full day left anyway so it’s fine. I’m looking forward to going home now. It took me an hour to get to work today because I left later and the […]

Day Twenty-Seven – Tuesday 10th September

I’m getting gradually closer to my leaving date and I can’t decide if this is a good or bad thing. I have really enjoyed my time here; I feel I have gown as a person. I have become more resilient, confident and independent. I will definitely be able to draw things from my experience in […]

Day Twenty-Six – Monday 9th September

I did lots of dissertation work today. We got up at the usual time in the knowledge that this would be the last Monday that we’d have to get up in Ghana. We had our usual breakfast and then travelled to work. It was strange not to have Maddy in the office as she and […]

Day Twenty-Five – Sunday 8th September

Whatever we did last night was messy! We were woken up at 11.30 by Kristine telling us we’d missed breakfast. This was upsetting because Big Milly’s breakfast was just what I needed to beat the hangover. The room was an absolute state. There was sand and rice all over the floor along with the contents […]

Day Twenty-Four – Saturday 7th September

I was glad of the rest I got last night. I slept until 9am. We were leaving for Kokrobite at 11.00. We got a cab to Kokrobite for GH₵25 which is a good price for an hour-long journey. It was nice to relatively comfortable whilst travelling after yesterday’s farce!  We got there before anyone else […]