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Having not logged in to this account since 2013, I figured the blog probably needs an update. I’d completely forgotten I’d started this blog in the first place; it ended up really just being an online diary for my trip to Ghana that year. Anyway I’ve decided to restart it and see what comes my […]


After a long absence, I have decided to upload parts of my journal onto Tumblr for my friends, family and followers to read. It’s important to me to document as much of the trip as I can so that I remember everything about this place.

New page

I’ve decided that instead of posting this week’s stuff as a post I have made it into a new page entitled ‘FAQ’s’ so please head over to the page and have a read 🙂 I will be adding more as time goes on!

International Ramblings

I have decided to try and make my blog posts a bit more accessible than exclusively being posted on Tumblr. I have two blogs on Tumblr, one which documents my progress with fundraising and vaccinations etc. for my volunteering trip to Ghana and a second one, which is effectively the same as this one, on […]