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Syria: My reaction to Cameron’s vote.

So the British government tonight made the decision to extend military action to Syria after a 10+ hour debate which included: 12 requests for apologies from Mr Cameron for his ‘terrorist sympathisers’ comments regarding those who opposed his movement; and a surprise division between Hilary Benn, shadow foreign secretary and future Labour leader, and villain […]

Bombing Syria – For and Against.

As politicians, diplomats, and military officials search for a magic solution to the multi-faceted problem of Islamic State, the possibility of deepening military involvement in Syria is becoming increasingly attractive. As with all insurgencies and terror groups, particularly those with virulent ideologies and sophisticated propaganda machines, any solution is likely to be extremely complex, requiring […]


In the wake of continued demonstrations of terrorism of the worst kind by jihadist insurgents, ISIS, or Da’esh as is perhaps the more appropriate way of describing them, there has been a noticeable, and predictable, surge in anti-Muslim sentiment. This has come from the already stirring right-wing elements of European politics, as well as from […]

Why I’m not changing my profile photo to a red, white, and blue flag.

While I obviously sympathise with the victims of the Paris Attacks and their families, as everyone should, I do not feel the need to prove my feelings by making a pretty superficial show of ‘solidarity’ by uploading a filter onto my existing, smiley profile photo. Under no circumstances am I criticising those who do find […]

How Will Climate Change Affect Refugees?

The way that the states of the European Union have dealt with the current and ongoing migration ‘crisis’ has been frustrating both for migrants seeking a better, safer life with basic human rights, and for current European citizens. These citizens have, for the most part, been relatively accommodating to the large numbers of people entering their […]

Update: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

The relative impenetrability of Syria and Iraq has opened up a chasm of uncertainty about the leading figures of the Islamic State group. The bombings reported a few days ago were initially said to have hit al-Baghdadi’s convoy in the Anbar Province, Iraq. His status was reported as unknown. Since then there have been conflicting […]

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi bombed again – status: unknown.

In a protracted series of bombing campaigns conducted by Western and Russian air forces, a convoy carrying the leader of Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has reportedly been hit by Iraqi forces. The news broke this morning and has resonated across various reputable news agencies such as: Reuters: The Independent: The […]

Follow-on from Sapiens post: Striving.

An interesting point that Harari has made which I don’t want to forget, is that by developing ourselves and the way that we interact with eachother/the world, we actually make life more difficult.  Ancestral hunter-gatherers became farmers so that they could have a constant source of food without having to go to the effort of […]

Currently Reading: ‘Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind’ by Yuval Noah Harari.

I am addicted to bookstore-browsing. Whoever I’m with, if we’re out shopping and I see a Waterstones (British high street bookshop chain), I will happily go in and spend – a little too much – time looking at all sorts of books; fiction, biographies, political histories, etc.. Last week during a visit to Birmingham, I […]

Migrant Crisis: Acceptance

My last post about this issue suggested that individual stories would change our opinions about the humanitarian crisis unfolding all over Europe. The recent turnaround in perspective by the Daily Mail suggests that this is true.  The impact of photojournalism is well-known and can change history – look at Vietnam, Bosnia, and Fallujah. The turning point […]