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WhenTwoWander is now live!

Global Individuals has graduated! As I’m sure you know by now, my partner no I are going on a round the world trip on August 22nd this year; not long now! Anyway, in preparation for this incredible experience, we have established a new travel-focussed blog on our own domain. We now live at  We […]

Finding the right name for your new travel blog.

At the beginning of January, I posted about the importance of choosing the right name for your travel blog. It has to resonate with your personality, your personal goals for travel and what you hope to get it out of it, your destinations, and any messages you wish to convey. It also has to be […]

Top 50 destinations to visit in 2016.

Travel + Leisure recently compiled this list of the most captivating and up and coming destinations to be visited in 2016. The list varies from remote Indian islands to cosmopolitan South American cities. Some of the destinations offered as desirable this year include the classics perennially visited by adventure-hungry travellers; such as Bali (#12) and Borneo […]

Bryson “Down Under”

Bill Bryson is a name I perpetually confused with Bill Bailey all through school. It wasn’t until a public humiliation in an English lesson that this changed. Since then I’ve wondered about his work and heard a great deal of positivity about it, yet I’d never endeavoured to read any of it. I recently picked […]

The curious tale of the U-Bahn.

German Trains are, so goes the stereotype, the epitome of punctuality; every traveller’s dream. An efficient transportation system is a godsend to both the time-constrained, sight-seeing tourist, and the uninhibited traveller alike. On each of the 5 trips I have been on to Germany, I have been delighted with the ease in which the transport […]

How to name your Travel Blog.

Thinking of a name for a new blog is the fundamental stumbling point for any would-be blogger. It has to be eternally relevant (for as long as you plan to keep the blog) and mustn’t pigeon-hole you into irrelevance should your situations change. Over at, Liz, (the owner and traveller-in-chief) has cultivated a fantastic […]

2015: a brief review.

For me personally, 2015 has been an incredible year. I have achieved milestones, celebrated many family occasions, and managed to fit in some travel. I rediscovered and renewed my interests in the blogosphere and have rejuvenated this blog. I completed a masters, and I finally began to learn Spanish. By far the most exciting accomplishment […]

Nuremberg Christmas Markets: 5 things to do on a budget winter break. 

Walking down Königstraße towards the Nürnberger Christkindlesmarkt for the first time, you begin to feel excited by where you are. As the smell of pepper, onion, and sauerkraut from the Bratwürste stalls (the best sausages in the world) mingles with the sweet incense of Glühwein (the infamous Bavarian mulled wine) and Feuerzangenbowlen (the same wine […]

Why travel?

I recently saw this article on Twitter by (retweeted by another travel blogger) and she’s successfully expressed all the reasons why I want to travel. I Urge You To Travel And Here’s Why by GirlUnspotted. Global Individuals recently posted Hate.


This is the date that our travels begin. My girlfriend and I will be flying into Bangkok on 23/08/16 to start our adventures around South East Asia, Australia, and South America. The plan is in its inchoate stages and we have a lot of work to do, but this is the most exciting thing ever […]